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Vintage tools can be cool, and hey, if it works, it works, but make sure you’re using the sharpest tools in the shed by also integrating the latest apps for increasing productivity and collaboration.

So much time is spent everyday by folks trying to find ways to save time, access their files on the go and seamlessly share their ideas. We often spin our creative wheels trying to get more done with less with only mixed results to show for our efforts. Fortunately, there are some great productivity apps out there that can help us accomplish more despite our most depleted of resources: time.

I asked my colleagues here at Edge what their favorite apps are that help them get their jobs done, stay organized and collaborate more efficiently. If you are looking to optimize your workflow, collaborate with greater ease or strip the distractions out of your research, then you’ll want to have these 6 productivity apps in your tool kit…and the time they can save you back in your wallet.

As an added bonus: all of these apps offer free options.

1) Evernote

Evernote (#1) is one amazing digital notebook, allowing you to take notes not just in text, but also video and audio. All of your notes are stored in your account and are easy to organize, and search, and share. Evernote is also available on mobile devices enabling you to access your notes on the go.

As creative production manager, I have a constant high volume of input and info generation in the form of notes, free text and lists. Some of this data needs to be shared with others, some needs to stay private. I need to have constant access to this data, online and offline, through all of my devices without me having to jump through any time-wasting hoops. Evernote accommodates all of this with ease.

– Dan Herman

Evernote helps me stay organized while chiseling away at huge, multi-layered projects. One such example would be Facebook campaigns where it’s always nice to go back into my “notebook” and see examples and dimensions for graphics. Recalling 15 different sizes for Facebook or 10 for Google Adwords is a snap with Evernote.

– Matt Teske

Evernote is my #1 app for productivity. I have it installed on my laptop, iPad, and iPhone. I love how my notes automatically sync with every update and they can be accessed at any time, on any of my devices. I keep everything on Evernote: my to-do lists, favorite articles, research, client notes, and even my grocery lists.

– Molly Smith

2) Jing

Jing (#2) is a web sharing platform for your images and short videos that also allows the sharer to mark up what they are sharing for better clarity. Jing is sharable across all digital channels and is available on all devices.

I love Jing for its ability to capture quick screenshots and providing easy access to my screenshot history. It makes my work more productive and efficient for communicating with my team and with clients in a digital world.

It’s also fantastic for creating and sharing quick training videos to show someone what I am doing on my screen.

– Stephanie Chadwick

3) Pocket & 4) Google Drive

Pocket (#3) is one of my favorite productivity apps. I love to read and stay on top of best practices and what’s going on in the digital marketing world, but I hate reading on my desktop. Pocket allows me to break away from the eyeball-numbing rigidity of desktop reading and find a nice, cozy spot to catch up on and share my favorite articles from any device. I simply save and tag the articles I come across and Pocket reformats them, removing the fluff and distraction of the web browser and automagically serves them up to my phone or tablet. It is the perfect app to help combat Content Shock.

Google Drive (#4) might not be the coolest kid on the block, but over the past year I’ve found myself migrating more and more of my notes and professional files to this platform. The main reason: access and collaboration. My documents are instantly available across all devices, and Drive is perfect for collaborating. If I create a document and share it with a teammate, we can then both work on it at the same time – all the while seeing and commenting on each others efforts in real time. It’s awesome for creating and editing content as well as tag teaming reports.

– Zack Stack

5) Trello & 6) Copy

Like a day planner on steroids, Trello (#5) is an organizer for all aspects of your day including meetings, project tasks, reminders, etc. Trello also adapts to how you use it – making it a very personally tailored app.

An extremely simple solution for organizing…anything. You can use it for personal day-to-day, work projects, whatever. You can have multiple “boards” for separating different projects and each one of those can have different status levels for each individual task (card).

Copy (#6) is a file storage and sharing app much like the popular cousin Dropbox, but with Copy you start with 15GB free rather than 2GB, and the pro version is 250GB instead of the 100GB for the same price.

– Gavin Heslop

What are some of your favorite productivity apps? Let us know in the comments.

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