Content & SEO

Crafting content that supports you

High-quality, visible content is a vital component of a well-tuned marketing strategy. Edge partners with clients to identify content opportunities and back them up with SEO expertise.

We partner with clients to craft a content strategy that:

  • Attracts new, relevant website traffic - increasing website visitors from people looking for what you do
  • Engages with your users – growing brand trust and building relationships, using your website content as a platform that communicates your organizational values
  • Educates and informs – demonstrating thought leadership and building brand value, showcasing your expertise·  Grows conversions – turning opportunities into action, converting visitors into customers and advocates for your brand

Whether it’s part of a larger website refresh project or ongoing web content production, we make it easy to craft desirable and engaging content that supports your brand and, most importantly, serves your visitors.

How can Edge help?

  • Content Audit
  • Content Strategy
  • Promotion and Communications Strategy
  • Content Calendar Development
  • Content Consulting and Ideation
  • Content Writing, Copywriting
  • Imagery Sourcing and Custom Imagery Development
  • Custom Photography and Video
  • ADA Compliance Consulting and Review
  • Content Loading and Publishing

Having a content-rich website is a strategic way to provide value to your visitors, demonstrate expertise and showcase that you care about solving the problems that your visitors are trying to solve.

Stephanie Chadwick, CEO, Edge

Our Content and SEO Process


We have a defined process for developing ideas that spark engagement and add value to the brand.


We assess topics to identify where interest and expense overlaps with search viability.

Plan & Schedule

We develop a content strategy and a coordinated schedule with buy-in from contributors.


We investigate keyword trends and we compare other related articles to provide a unique and fresh perspective.

Write and Edit

Collaboration is a key part of creating great content. We utilize the different strengths of our team to amplify each piece of content we produce.

Source Imagery

We look for ways to help solidify the big idea or pull readers through a longer piece of content with photos and graphics.


Once we have our imagery and an edited piece of content, it’s time to load it on the staging site for review and final approval.

ADA Compliance

We review for alternate text on photos, captions and transcription for videos, good content structure, accessible colors and fonts, and text descriptive links.

Review and Publish

We always have more than one set of eyes on a piece of content to ensure we caught all mistakes and covered the topic well.


Now that the content is live on the site, we lay out a promotion plan and execute on it to make sure your audience knows.

Yearly Review

We mark our content calendar for review to make sure it’s still relevant and tweak anything that may make it more useful down the road.

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