Connected TV (CTV) Package

Effectively reach your target audience wherever they view content

What is CTV?

If you have a smart TV, then you have a Connected TV, or “CTV” – one of the many internet connected devices that allow viewers to stream videos and music, and browse the web.

For marketers, CTV is a smart strategy to reach your target audience effectively and measurably – no matter where they might be viewing content.

Right Audience + Right Time = CTV

Reach viewers on CTV streaming devices, Smart TVs, Gaming Consoles and more…

  • Audience targeting
  • Real-time optimizations
  • Powerful storytelling medium
  • Relevant brand interaction
  • Cross-screen targeting
  • Highly targeted

More than 66% of consumers aged 25-44 say products advertised on streaming TV are more relevant than those advertised on traditional cable TV.

Vericast Survey, March 2021.

Our CTV Publisher Menu

With your target audience, budget parameters and goals, we will partner with you to select the best publisher(s) to include in your campaign.

We continue to add to our available publisher directory and will provide you with the most up to date recommendation available to meet your needs.

You can rely on Edge to help you match the right CTV package and Networks to your goals, budget and audience.

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