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What's in your data privacy policy?

Public sentiment surrounding the collection and use of personal information is behind the move to regulations like the GDPR in the European Union and CCPA in the United States. These laws provide new rights to consumers and, in some cases, carry the risk of substantial penalties. You should know what data your Privacy and Cookie Policies include, and that all data sources are accounted for.

For this reason, Edge has chosen to partner with iubenda, a company built on both legal and technical expertise, that specializes in this sector. As iubenda Certified Partners, we have developed a simple and safe solution to your compliance needs.

Digital Marketing in the dawn of the Data Privacy Age

Download our quick explainer guide featuring a brief technical and legal overview of what's at work in the data privacy discussion, plus a checklist of what to work on to be compliant with regulations.

Comply with data privacy regulations quickly and efficiently

Thanks to our partnership with iubenda, we can help you configure everything you need to make your site compliant with the latest data privacy regulations using the simplest, most complete, and professional solution.

Privacy and Cookie Policy

We prepare a fully customized, self-updating policy for your site using a database of clauses drafted and continuously reviewed by an international team of lawyers.

Cookie Solution

Cookies are small files used to store or track certain information while a user browses a site. Our solution provides the legal notifications and functionality required based on the location of your site's users.

Consent Registration

Once a user grants consent to allow cookies, or provides information to you, the solution maintains a record of that consent and manages changes when necessary.

Data privacy compliance is a complex and shifting topic. Let us help you comply with regulations now and in the future.

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A patchwork of data privacy regulations

In the US, there is no single comprehensive national body of data regulations; there are, however, various laws on a state level as well as industry guidelines and specific federal laws in place and most have financial penalties for noncompliance. Since online site activity is rarely limited to just one state, it’s always best to adhere to the strictest applicable regulations.

In general, users need to be informed of:

  • Website owner details and contact information
  • Your notification process for policy changes
  • What data is being collected
  • Third-party access to their data (who the third-parties are and what data they’re collecting)
  • Their rights in regards to their data.

Can I use a generic privacy policy?

Your policy must describe in detail the specific data processing carried out by your site. and must also include the particular details of any third-party technologies (e.g., social media sharing, ad targeting, analytics) used by you. Generic documents aren’t customized to your site’s needs.

What if I don't process any data?

It’s very difficult for your site not to process any data. A simple contact form or a traffic analysis system such as Google Analytics is enough to trigger the obligation to prepare and display a privacy and cookie policy.

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