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Bringing a well-crafted digital campaign to life

Knowing that online advertising is important is one thing, executing a well-rounded digital campaign is another. That’s where we come in. We help fuse the two into an thorough plan, including execution and monitoring to keep your digital marketing campaign running at maximum performance.

Our Digital Marketing Services include strategy, creative, set up, management and reporting. From the landing page and ad creation to management and results, we’re able to help move the needle from active…to actively performing.

Digital Campaigns From Start to Finish

Every campaign requires a fresh perspective and the ability to know what’s working. We laser-focus on what matters to your bottom line and our reporting is some of the most comprehensive you’ll find. But don’t worry, we won’t dump info on you and leave you hanging. Our goal is to help your team get the most juice out of your budget, amplify your presence, and give informed insights – helping you make data-driven marketing decisions.



Combining beautifully, branded design with tactical messaging for both landing pages and ads, our creative is built to increase conversions.

Set Up

No matter the platform, Google, Bing, Social, Hulu, Spotify, etc., our team develops a strategy and structure around each integrated campaign.

Management & Consulting

Monitoring, optimizing and nurturing a campaign throughout its life cycle leads to a successful, high-performing investment bringing returns.

Real-Time Reporting

Access your data any time through a powerful End-of-Campaign Report and Dashboard Suite tool that can include our expert consulting notes and insights.

We meet you where you're at. If that means you have in-house help, we'll come alongside your team to assist. That's why we put together our Digital Campaign Builder Packages that help meet your needs, no matter the situation.

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Landing Page

Our process begins with a well-crafted landing page. We focus on both messaging and creatives as a way to convey an emotion or feeling to the visitor. All other creative will result from the content presented through the landing page.

example landing page
search ad example

Search Ads

When developing search ads, we start with research. We dig in to data and trends to discover the best way a search ad will perform in your target market.

We build each ad with intentionality, using focused keywords and strategy to craft a strong converting ad.

Responsive Search & Display Ads

Responsive ads can be used for both search and display. These ads allow our team to develop different sets of content that can dynamically change based upon the available placement. The purpose of these are to serve a relevant ad to your target audience. By doing so, they tend to perform better than traditional search or display ads.

We like to use a mix of responsive search and display ads along with traditional to round out the campaign, offering more chances for placements.


A great HTML5 ad can help you tell a story and set the stage for a branded experience to a consumer. When crafting these ads, we take the time to get each one just right and use our experience to strategically place the invitation for action while the story plays out.

Video Ads

Video ads are great to add to the mix as a primary or complementary option to your digital marketing campaign. Using the Google Display Network, Display Video 360, running video ads can get great engagement and clicks. Our approach is similar to other ads we produce, using our expertise in both strategy and design to help lift awareness and engagement.

Audio Ads

From scripting to recording voice over, we’ve got you covered. Audio ads bring depth and reinforce a strong brand message that complements any display or search ads you may be running. Placements can run on major music platforms like Spotify or Pandora.


We don’t just send a report your way and call it a day. It’s important to us that the data we’re pulling is relevant and helps you make the best marketing decisions. We take the time to pull together wins, challenges, and opportunities. Our goal would be to send you back to your team, well-informed, and able to decipher the next move.

digital dashboard example

Partnering with Edge

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  • Clean, Contemporary Design and Page Formatting
  • A team of experts to help you along the way
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Edge is a full-service marketing agency with over two decades of experience in the digital space. We’re a Google Partner in good standing. Our strategists are Google Ads Certified and have extensive experience creating, testing, and deploying effective campaigns.