Marketing Automation

An effective email marketing strategy will build trust in your brand by keeping your audience informed - giving them a reason to return to your website. Email marketing works, because no matter where we all go within our own digital universes, we never wander too far from our inboxes. At Edge, our custom designed eflyers get better than average results for our clients. Industry standard open rates hover at about 15%. Our open rates blast past that at around 26%. When we create an email marketing campaign, we don't simply send out an image to your database. We customize what is essentially a mini-web page that matches the branding of your website or other important collateral, and doesn't rely completely on downloadable content to be seen. We keep key headlines readable no matter what, which dramatically increases click-thru rates and overall results. All that, and these emails are beautiful to look at! Additionally, we provide access to reporting metrics so that you can see how your email marketing is performing in real-time. Our well-rounded approach can include managing your database and initiating ways to continue it's growth via eflyer sign up strategies on your website and in social media.