Happy Halloween from Edge!

What happens when you task a creative group of folks with a costume contest – well, check it out and please vote for your favorite on our website or Facebook page. The person with the most likes/comments will win a McMenamins gift card. Maybe they should be required to wear their costume when they go?

Pregnant 50's Housewife

Stephanie Chadwick: Partner, Executive Vice President of Sales & Marketing 50s Housewife

Bearded Lady

Gavin Heslop: Web Developer Bearded Lady


Molly Smith: Project Manager Cavewoman

Crazy Pirate

Scott Chadwick: Partner, President and CEO Crazy Pirate

Mona Lisa

Kristine Fitzpatrick: Media Planner Mona Lisa

Mother Nature

Christine Gillingham: Business Manager Mother Nature

Over Zealous Ref

Trenton Platt: Project Manager Over Zealous Ref  

Have a safe and fun Halloween!

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