3 Logistical Hurdles to Consider When Writing Copy for Audio Advertising

Published July 13, 2023

Over the past 25 years of writing ad copy (since 1998!) I’ve learned a lot about what does and does not work across the many audio delivery platforms. My approach to copywriting for audio ads has also also been influenced by my marriage to an audio engineer/musician as well as my own musical background.

As platforms have changed (as well as the listeners!) I’d like to share some insights from my experience in regard to crafting audio creative that works no matter the decade, the audience or the medium.

Here are three logistical hurdles to consider (boring!) that you might not be thinking about when your mind is focused on brand, messaging and creative “fun stuff”.

1) Consider your delivery method

Where will your ad play? Will your ad be playing in a car? On cheap computer speakers? Over loudspeakers in a stadium? On a high end stereo system? On a smart speaker (Amazon Echo, etc).

Make sure you listen to your ad play in the method it will be played as part of your editing process. Be wary of a boomy voiceover for a bass-heavy delivery method or boomy music on cheap computer speakers.

Make sure that your ads maiden voyage doesn’t surprise you because you didn’t consider where it would be played and how that would affect the sound and delivery of your creative.

2) What format will your ad play on?

Pandora? Spotify? Podcast? Terrestrial Radio? Streaming Radio? Sports Stadium? Live or Prerecorded? All of these elements affect your creative approach.

Working with your media buying team, marketing manager or advertising agency to identify where the creative will run will help you define how you approach the copy. It may even provide you with the opportunity to personalize the message even more and resonate more with the listener.

3) What are your fine print and compliance requirements?

Does your audio ad need fine print in order to stay in compliance? Consider what complementing assets may be accompanying your audio ad and think about the big picture of the ad delivery.

For example, if your audio ad accompanies a digital banner ad, a simple “click for details” will be sufficient as long as the landing page from your banner ad has your fine print on it. You may need to add a quick sentence at the end to tackle any disclaimers.

These disclaimers can be digitally sped up in post to fit the time allowed, as long as they still sound like a human talking (not a mouse) and are understandable.

Keeping these three logistical hurdles in mind when you approach your next audio copy project will ensure that your audio creative lives its best life!

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