Happy Halloween from Edge!

What happens when you task a creative group of folks with a costume contest – well, check it out and please vote for your favorite on our website or Facebook page. The person with the most likes/comments will win a McMenamins gift card. Maybe they should be required to wear their costume when they go?

Pregnant 50’s Housewife

Stephanie Chadwick: Partner, Executive Vice President of Sales & Marketing
50s Housewife

Bearded Lady

Gavin Heslop: Web Developer
Bearded Lady


Molly Smith: Project Manager

Crazy Pirate

Scott Chadwick: Partner, President and CEO
Crazy Pirate

Mona Lisa

Kristine Fitzpatrick: Media Planner
Mona Lisa

Mother Nature

Christine Gillingham: Business Manager
Mother Nature

Over Zealous Ref

Trenton Platt: Project Manager
Over Zealous Ref

Have a safe and fun Halloween!

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Making Your Website Work For You

Making Your Website Work For You - Feature Image 01

As a business, you have certain goals, be it sales goals, membership quotas, email signups, surveys completed, or any number of other goals. With any of these goals it is important to ask yourself two key questions. First, are my goals reflected in the design of my website? Secondly, am I measuring those goals effectively? If you can’t answer these questions, don’t worry! We are here to help.

Our Work: In-House and Out of This World!

We are excited to share some of our latest work

From graphic design to photography, website design to video, public relations to event planning and much more – Edge has been busy! We’ve posted some of our best work online in our new website portfolio so that you can get to know us and our work a bit better.

Interior Design

We think of any blank space as a potential canvas for us to showcase creativity. When you walk into a building and you see a plethora of boring white walls – that says something about your company. Turn those white walls into a showcase for your brand with interior marketing design!

Interior marketing design preserves and builds upon your company’s brand image by inviting your customers to engage with you while they are onsite. This is an opportunity to further educate your target market about who you are and what you do – whether that be by showcasing photos of your work in the community, creating a historical timeline about what you’re business has done, or giving props to those that have helped you along the way. Not only does this make a lasting impression on visitors – it builds employee rapport.

Some of the ways that we display our clients brands through interior design include: original art, projection, vinyl application, hand-crafted cork work, wood treatments, acrylic and glass, photography, paint, original graphics, posters, quotes and even a suspended bicycle.

Let us help you turn your blank space into brand space.

Non-traditional Media

From the Edge Archives

There’s non-traditional media: social, mobile, outdoor… and then there’s not-at-all traditional media: street chalk art, stadium scoreboards, concerts, viral video, water closet media (oh yes, that’s a thing), guerrilla street teams, skate parks, crop circles, hot air balloons, stunts and more. There is essentially no limit to the creativity that can be tapped to market your brand.

At Edge, we’re always looking for new avenues to convey your message in a meaningful way that is memorable and makes an impact. We were early adopters of not-at-all traditional advertising… and even earlier adopters of non-traditional media advertising.

There is a lot of noise out there – we make sure our clients are noticed.