Edge 20th Anniversary

Published March 29, 2021

2021 Marks 20 Years of Business for Edge

We’re celebrating our “Platinum” company anniversary here at Edge and are excited to mark this 20-year milestone of partnering with clients. 

If there’s one thing we’ve learned in two decades in this business, it’s that nothing stays the same. We’ve made some calculated pivots along our journey including being early to market with adding website programming, data tracking, and digital marketing to our full-service repertoire.


Light on our feet — always with an eye on the horizon.

A strong foundation of thought leadership and fearlessness to push boundaries into new, uncharted territory – flexing our troubleshooting muscles – has been key to helping us bring fresh strategy to the forefront, helping our client partners decipher the best way forward.

Looking back over the past 20 years, there were some key decisions that brought us to where we’re at today:

Not Being a "Vendor"

Focusing on building true, transparent partnerships with clients

Widening our Client Portfolio

Diversifying our client portfolio while also including a specialization with credit unions

Working With Non-Profits

Devoting a portion of our bandwidth to work with nonprofits and better our local communities

Developing robust digital offerings

Breaking new ground with advanced digital tracking and bespoke digital marketing strategies

Proudly, we share some highlights of our work in the digital space:

We’ve spent the last couple of years building out a robust list of products and services including a new, proprietary financial calculator called Formulate. Within our bucket of tools, we’ve also ramped up our offerings for Marketing Automation, web development, digital advertising, and other MarTech solutions that allow clients to more seamlessly and meaningfully connect with customers regardless of where they are.

jenn and austi playing connect four
part of edge team at client office

Remote since our inception, Edge works with clients from all over the United States. We’re regularly invited to speak at events, conferences, and webinars to help educate marketing leaders. We love to teach and mentor client teams to help them develop their staff and further their knowledge and expertise.

Our CEO and co-founder, Stephanie Chadwick reflects, saying, “Edge has continued to innovate and adapt to an ever-changing environment. We’ve gotten comfortable with not ever being comfortable and we’ll continue to anticipate what’s next while we super-serve our client-partners, helping them navigate the inevitability of change. I’m so proud of our dedicated team of experts and their consistent work to know their stuff – as well as their fearlessness in being transparent and honest in the face of a good challenge.“ 

matt and stephanie at restaurant

Edge is a well-respected, full-service boutique firm with a strong foundation in marketing technology. Our small team of experts operates in an open atmosphere, building trust and healthy environments in which to perform challenging work. As a strategic marketing partner, our values focus on people, performance, and partnership.

We're all about expanding your capabilities as partners. It's what we do.
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