Edge Digital Marketing For Nonprofit Helps Secure $183K Donation

Published October 14, 2013

CenturyLink had a million bucks to give away.

With hundreds of participants vying for the funds, Edge helped secure the largest portion of the $1 million allocated by the CenturyLink Foundation: a whopping $183,976 match donation with some smart digital marketing for nonprofit client Share.

How did this happen to a small nonprofit in the city of Vancouver, Washington? We thought you’d never ask!

Share, a nonprofit helping homeless and hungry people in Vancouver, Washington, was presented with a unique opportunity to have their donations matched six to one through a partnership with the CenturyLink Clarke M. Williams Foundation through their 2013 CenturyLink Feed the Children Backpack Buddies Food Drive. This program took place over a one week period this past summer in hundreds of different locations across the country.

In order to maximize matching donations, Edge suggested incorporating a Facebook campaign in addition to Share’s printed appeal newsletter. The campaign consisting of promoted posts, ads, a unique reveal tab, and an online form. Not only was this useful for tracking donations, but it also captured contact info so that Share could increase their newsletter database.

The match from CenturyLink made it possible for Share to raise a total of $271,334 which increased year-over-year donations by 232% - or more than $189,000!

In addition to the donations and match, Share’s Facebook fan base grew by 18% and they grew their email database, which not only increases their overall reach but also saves them printing and postage costs on future newsletters.

Needless to say, Share was thrilled with the results and we were so happy to have played a part in helping them gain more resources for the amazing work that they do in the community.

"It's a great day for those who benefit from Share's tireless efforts and we are excited for the opportunity to continue this valuable partnership. Thank you to our Southwest Washington employees and to all those who supported this worthwhile drive to lessen the impact of food insecurity in our communities."

-Chris Denzin, CenturyLink's Vice President and General Manager for Southwest Washington and Oregon

According to the 2010 Hunger Study by Feeding America, the nation's largest hunger relief organization, 37 million Americans, including 14 million children, are receiving food assistance annually, an increase of 46 percent since 2006. That means one in eight Americans now rely on Feeding America and its nationwide network of local food banks.

It’s hard to fathom that 36% percent of the households that food banks serve have at least one person working - and more than one-third of client households report having to choose between food and other basic necessities such as rent, utilities and medical care. Organizations like Share help fill that void.

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