How to Grow Your Network On LinkedIn: 3 Quick Tips for Success

A Cup of Coffee and LinkedIn Loaded Up On an iPad Mini
In the time it takes to enjoy a cup of coffee you can grow your network on LinkedIn and fall in love with this oft overlooked social channel all over again.
With all of the pictures, tweets, status updates, pokes, likes, follows and connections out there, how is one supposed to keep up, let alone increase your audience? I am sure there are plenty of social networks that you already belong to, but there is one in particular that I want to remind you about: LinkedIn.
With over 270 million members, LinkedIn is the top Social Media website dedicated to growing professional networks and increasing brand awareness. Yet, this key player is often set on the back burner of many a brand’s social media strategy. Although a little less flashy than the rest, LinkedIn is a key player in the social media world and it’s important for us to give it the attention it deserves. Their mission is to “connect the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful” and they do this by creating a community full of influential, affluent, and educated people. The average user on LinkedIn makes $109,000 per year and the site is full of decision makers. So, take advantage of this opportunity now! Really, how often do you get the chance to put your message in front of a long list of big wigs?

Where To Begin If You're Not Feeling So Linked In

Now you might be feeling some pressure and not know where to begin – let me help! The popular social media site is not just for storing a resume or seeing your friends’ uncharacteristically professional headshots. LinkedIn has a box full of tools that can help whether you set out to find an employer, an employee, potential clients, or future investments.

1) Save Time By Using Advanced Search

The Advanced Search function gives you the opportunity to get daily emails listing possible connections that fall under your desired categories. This tool helps cut down on your prospecting time by delivering a detailed list to your inbox. Do you want to only target Marketing Officers within a 30-mile radius of Portland who work for companies with revenues between $25 million and $50 million? Get specific with LinkedIn's Advanced Search. Save time while locating the decision makers you want to put your message in front of.

2) Amplify Your Message With Sponsored Posts

Sponsored Posts is an excellent feature (similar to those on Facebook) where you can pay a small fee to get your update in front of a much larger, but also a very specific audience – and not just those who are in your network. This gives you the opportunity to target your exact demographic by choosing locations, age ranges, gender, company, professional title, and much more.

3) Engage Your Analytics and Go With What Works

Since it is suggested that updates be made at least every other day, you want to be certain your time is being spent wisely. Paying attention to your Company Page Analytics will help get a closer view on your page's performance, see what kind of updates give you the most traction, gain key insights into your follower demographics and see how your page is comparing to the pages of other companies in your industry. In short, make sure your LinkedIn time is well spent time. Stay tuned for more articles on optimizing your LinkedIn profile! Comment below to share your LinkedIn success stories. What tools or practices have you found helpful in growing your network on LinkedIn? Photo by Zack Stack