How to Write a Goal-Driven Audio Ad Script and CTA that Really Move the Needle [Examples Included]

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Published April 21, 2022

"The trouble with not having a goal is that you can spend your life running up and down the field and never score."

Bill Copeland, American Historian, Poet, and Author

Knowing the goal of your audio ad script will help you shape the structure with purpose; prioritizing copy that sticks with your audience and drives action.

Let’s jump right in and take a look at two audio advertising examples, starting with the goal in mind, and unpack some effective approaches for both.

Example #1: The Beer Festival

Goal: Sell Tickets to a Time-Sensitive Event

Tactics: Grab Attention, Use Repetition & Be Specific

Grab attention right away in this script and create a sense of urgency to sell tickets. Be repetitive and specific to push listeners to act immediately and secure tickets. Sell the experience of the event with the remainder of the ad copy. 

Consider using text messaging to track what ad placements are most successful at generating sales and adjust ad creative or ad placements as needed leading up to the event. The voiceover should be strong and talk a bit fast.

Audio Ad Example Copy:

Beer, beer and more beer! This weekend only, don’t miss the craft beer festival happening on the waterfront from 12 noon to 10pm. That’s THIS WEEKEND. Get your tickets online at craft beer fest dot com. That’s craft beer fest dot com OR text BEER to 5678 that’s BEER to 5678 for a link to buy your tickets. You don’t want to miss it - beer will be flowing from all of your favorite local breweries, plus enjoy yummy food and live music. Get your tickets at craft beer fest dot com OR text BEER to 5678. See you there!

Example #2: The Luxury Spa

Goal: Grow Name/Brand Awareness; Increase Appointments

Tactics: Repetition & Tone

Make it sticky. Repeat the name of the brand as much as possible, while also selling the brand experience in the audio ad via your voiceover selection, delivery and services offered. 

For this type of brand (luxury spa), the voiceover should be slower and more relaxed. Don’t be afraid to spell out a harder word to ensure the listener goes to the right place. 

Include your brand's tagline when appropriate. In the example ad copy below, a version of the brand name is repeated a total of 8 times, making the brand name more sticky.

Audio Ad Example Copy:

Now open, your home for relaxation awaits at Revive Luxury Spa. Revive your body, mind and spirit with a shiatsu massage, pedicure, CBD facial and more. Enjoy complimentary beverages, a steam room and valet parking. Melt your stress away and revive at Revive Luxury Spa. Now open in Northwest Portland. Visit revive spa dot com, that’s R-E-V-I-V-E Spa dot com and take advantage of our grand opening offers. That’s Revive Spa dot com. Revive Luxury Spa. Unwind. Renew. Revive

Include a call to action or special offer (if it exists)

A call to action, or CTA, is the one thing you hope the listener will do upon hearing your ad. There might be several actions you hope your audience takes, but in your audio commercial script it's best to highlight just one call to action. Only consider adding a secondary CTA option if you have time and it fits the vibe of the brand or event.

Audio Ad CTA Examples:

  • Call a phone number
  • Text a number
  • Visit a website or landing page
  • Fill out a form
  • Go to a location at a specific time

Keep your CTAs simple and singular

It’s imperative in the limited amount of time you have available in your audio advertising spot that you don’t clutter the airwaves with too many ideas and actions that could cause the listener confusion. 

Remember, audio ads, like digital display, are a disruptive medium. You are interrupting the listener’s moment, their podcast, their music, with something they didn’t ask for or maybe know existed until just then. Keep the CTA straightforward and be ready on your end to make it as simple as possible for them to respond. 

Make responding to the audio ad easy 

Ask the listener to click on a companion asset (like a banner ad) or text a code or phrase to a number, or visit a landing page. These actions are trackable, so you can also remarket to them for a period of time if they don’t convert right away. 

Think of it as offering an opportunity for them to bookmark the ad for themselves so they can check it out at a time that is more convenient for them.

Remember, audio is an intrusive form of advertising. We don’t mean this in a bad way, but audio advertisements break into the listener’s programming (and fund it), so make it easy for them to respond when they are ready. 

Have a special offer in your ad? Make sure it’s clear.

Special offers, or promotions, are a great way to drive more immediate action, however they often necessitate the addition of a disclaimer or disclosure somewhere in the creative.

One way to handle this is to incorporate the required discloser language within the promo, like in these two examples:

“Check out our special rates online at website dot com. That’s website dot com. Special rates available only through the end of this month.”

“When [your team] scores 100 points or more, stop by [Pet Shop Brand Name] the next day and get a free toy for your favorite cat or dog in your life with an eligible purchase.”

In order to end strong, start with your goal

Audio advertising is a viable medium to reach your target market and achieve provable ROI - IF you have a clear goal in mind before you get started. 

Put yourself in the shoes of your listener and practice empathy when writing copy for audio ads. Visualize your target market during their busy day - what are they doing? Are they in a minivan full of kids? Are they working on their laptop in a busy coffee shop? Are they walking around the block listening to a podcast after work? How would you receive your own message if you were in their place? 

Asking yourself these questions and having an empathetic mindset will help your next audio ad script connect with your target audience and achieve your desired goals - instead of just running up and down the field. 

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