Instagram Video: 15-Second Opportunities To Engage

Instagram began as a way to capture and virtually share photographic moments directly from one’s mobile device. Until recently, the most interesting feature of the app was the ability to enhance photos with filters which allowed the user to create Photoshop-worthy snapshots with a few simple clicks. Today, Instagram is quickly evolving, pushing the release of several new capabilities for its app. In May, Instagram introduced the photo-tagging option, allowing users to tag their friends in photos and further enhancing the viral reach of the social media app. More recently, Instagram has rolled out an exciting new feature which allows users to share video. Instagram Video Screen Capture This new feature allows users to take up to 15 seconds of video in place of a photo. When using the app, an icon of a movie camera is now available to the right of the photo button. By pressing the icon the user is able to shoot and edit video that is then shared with followers in the same way that they share photos. There are 13 new filters specifically for video, and a video-stabilizing feature called “Cinema” which helps steady shaky footage. While 15 seconds may seem like a short time to tell some stories, with carefully planned content, the user has a fantastic opportunity to showcase endless topics, such as: super-quick how-to’s and tutorials, answering consumer’s questions, marketing upcoming events or offers, introducing a new product or service, or engaging viewers with the human aspect of one’s brand. Instagram video is a great way to easily share content with one’s social networks and better engage followers, in turn building brand following. Because Instagram can be viewed directly from the mobile app or within other sites such as Facebook, it is an easily accessible option for most people and, in turn, can be a great tool for encouraging engagement with your brand.