Interior Design

Published July 22, 2013

We think of any blank space as a potential canvas for us to showcase creativity. When you walk into a building and you see a plethora of boring white walls - that says something about your company. Turn those white walls into a showcase for your brand with interior marketing design!

Interior marketing design preserves and builds upon your company's brand image by inviting your customers to engage with you while they are onsite. This is an opportunity to further educate your target market about who you are and what you do - whether that be by showcasing photos of your work in the community, creating a historical timeline about what you're business has done, or giving props to those that have helped you along the way. Not only does this make a lasting impression on visitors - it builds employee rapport.

Some of the ways that we display our clients brands through interior design include: original art, projection, vinyl application, hand-crafted cork work, wood treatments, acrylic and glass, photography, paint, original graphics, posters, quotes and even a suspended bicycle.

Let us help you turn your blank space into brand space.