Layered 2D Printing Adds Another Dimension To Client Collateral

Published June 24, 2013

Everyone can push the “Print” button on the computer, and have a sign pop out. But when you add depth to your printed piece, you’re creating a unique piece that invites interaction. The layered print isn't just read by the viewer, but it is experienced as well. A layered 2D piece, transforms the flat print into a sculpture that people can touch and feel - creating a more lasting impression.

Layered 2D printing is a simple, cost effective way to add depth, emphasis and interaction to your branding and advertising collateral. The process includes printing the layers, using a plotter to cut out the specific parts, and then the construction. The fun thing about this, is that this technique can be applied to just about anything…maybe the logo on the building, or that large sign hanging over the receptionist desk? Whatever the application may be, know that it will be sure to turn heads and gain whole new layer of exposure for your company.

Do you have a design or print project that may warrant a 2D layered print? Edge can help with that.