Media Spotlight: Outdoor

Published June 12, 2023


Over the past decade plus, digital media has taken a front seat on the media strategy bus. As early adopters of digital media, seeing budgets reprioritized to push digital to the front of the line has been a big win for the clients that we partner with.

With our agency experience going back 25 years with roots in traditional media, we’ve gained a unique perspective on how to approach digital combined with traditional. This has helped us guide our clients in layering their marketing budgets utilizing the strengths of all media to their best advantage.

We’ve seen the right combination of media mix expand the effectiveness of our client’s marketing budgets. And combining Outdoor strategy with Digital has been one of our favorite blends.

Out-of-Home (OOH) is a media category that includes Indoor Advertising (like Mall and Airport signage for example) and Outdoor Advertising, like wallscapes, bus sides and billboards.

In a digital world, it’s important to have something in the tangible space and OOH fits the bill. So much of our day is spent viewing screens and factoring in real-life ads like a big billboard can carry a lot of clout for your brand.

It’s not just about running OOH and digital together… There is a strategy for everything and outdoor is not an exception. Messaging, creative, placements, timing – all of these elements matter and each contributes to the greater effectiveness of the whole marketing campaign.

Here are a few ways that Digital and Outdoor are proven to work incredibly well together:

1. OOH is now widely recognized as the best partner for digital marketing strategies.
Research has found that 70% of a consumer’s day is spent outside the home, and 68% of mobile usage is on-the-go, so it makes sense that the two formats compliment each other in a marketing mix.

  • 66% of smartphone users take some sort of action online after seeing an OOH ad (Neilsen study, 2019)

2. Adding Outdoor advertising increases the effect and reach of your other media.
Based on research from USA Touchpoints, measuring Adults 18-64, when combining Outdoor with Digital, the reach is increased by 316%

  • Plus… Outdoor provides millions of impressions at a low CPM while also effectively pushing targeted digital engagements.
  • According to OAAA, Nielsen studies, 46% of consumers search for a brand after viewing an outdoor advertisement.
  • According to a study by Rapport/IPG, brands that use outdoor experience online search improvement of up to 80%

3. According to the US Census Bureau, Millennials value Outdoor advertising – 60% trust brand messaging from this type of medium, which is higher than any other demographic group surveyed. As this group ages, it will be important to build brand awareness and loyalty to replace your older audiences as they become less active consumers over time.

4. According to a Nielsen report from 2017, Outdoor delivers more online activity per ad dollar spent than radio, TV or print.

  • This online activity includes search and social activity

5. By 2025, the World Advertising Research Center (WARC) predicts that 75% of the world will solely use smartphones for their internet needs.

The sum of digital and outdoor are more than their individual parts.

It goes without saying that something clever done with Outdoor can spur social media engagement. That can drive web traffic, which can kick in your digital remarketing strategies.

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