Digital Media & Online Advertising

At Edge, we spend a lot of time with new media (digital, social, anything interactive) - though it seems a bit strange to still be calling it "new", that's how our world is decided to talk about it, so for now - we'll still call it "new". Our experience with new media is vast - we have been incorporating new media strategies into just about every recommendation we make ever since new media was truly - well - new. We do this because that's where consumers are - it's where users are also participants. What a great way to develop a relationship with your customer instead of just talk AT them. We are a Google Certified company, meaning that we have jumped through all of the hoops to officially say that we know what we're doing when it comes to Google Adwords Search and Display campaigns (including mobile of course). Additionally, we have developed fully integrated ways to use Facebook in our client's campaigns, crafting "fan gates" and engaging data-driven promotions. We have a few other tricks up our collective sleeve when it comes to digital and social media... we are always thinking of new ways to engage your target audience and make an impact. It's kind of old-hat to us, but we'll still call it new!