Press Relations

Don't mess around with "trying" to get press attention or "hoping" they've read your press release. When you're running a campaign that depends upon timely media attention, leaving it to chance is not going to help you sleep at night. At Edge Multimedia, we've worked tirelessly to develop favorable relationships with the people you want to get attention from - to the point that they reach out to us for content when they are looking for something new or fresh. An influential CEO? Yes, we know a few... An organization affected by inclement weather to include in your TV promos? No problem. If we still used rolodexes, they'd be busting by now. We make it a priority to foster positive relationships with people in media and key market influencers - the movers and shakers - the connectors. They like us - we like you - they like you. It's a good circle-of-trust to be in.