Street League Skateboarding Brings 2013 World Tour To Portland

Published June 24, 2013
Street League Skateboarding - Action Shot

What do Brazil, Barcelona, Kansas City, Germany, Los Angeles and Portland have in common? Skateboarding (also beer, coffee, and good eats I’m sure)! Edge’s new client, Street League Skateboarding, is bringing their tour to the Rose City to give us an unforgettable action sports show.

Street League Skateboarding (SLS) and its 20 pros teamed up with Nike SB to establish the first true street skateboarding world tour. The tour features seven events, including three international stops. The final event, being held August 25th in Newark, is the SLS Super Crown World Championship. The 20 top-ranked pros will be battling it out for the largest cash prize in competitive skateboarding history — more than $2 million. On July 14th, the tour will make its fifth stop at Portland's Rose Garden Arena.

Some of you may be thinking, how did Portland make this elite skateboarding list?

Some of you may be thinking, how did Portland make this elite skateboarding list? Truth is skateboarding has long been a part of Portland’s many subcultures. From the organic rise of the Burnside Skatepark to the 19 park system approved by the City, Portland constituents have long been fighting for the underdog in true activist fashion.

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With the doubling of U.S. skaters in the 90s, a group--Skaters for Portland Skateparks--was formed to advocate for skaters. Tom Miller and Sonny Robertson began campaigning for skateparks and formed relationships with the right people in city politics. One of whom was former Mayor Sam Adams. Miller was able to navigate the system, and with the community’s support, helped pass the Portland Parks Levy, which allocated $500K for two public skate parks. Miller ended up working for Mayor Adams as his Chief of Staff and continued the momentum as the plan for the 19 park system was developed and passed.

Since then, Portland became one of the most skate friendly cities in the U.S. Instead of making skateboarding illegal in the downtown area, like most downtowns across the country, Portland even developed “skate routes” to include it as a type of transportation. The City continues to keep skaters and non-skating constituents happy by enacting ordinances that benefit both sides.

Show your love for Portland and its proud skateboarding culture! Join us at the Rose Garden Arena on July 14th, 2013 to cheer on your favorite pro skateboarders. For ticket information, visit the Street League Skateboarding website.

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Images courtesy of Street League Skateboarding.