It’s a Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood!

Few of us will ever be able to venture down to a private wine cellar, change the channel on your 100 inch television, or grab a beverage from your custom-made bar in the game room. Even though we don’t have these luxuries, it doesn’t mean that we can’t dream, or even take home a few ideas to apply to our own dwellings. From a private putting green to unique takes on interior design, there’s certainly no shortage of inspiration to be found along this year’s Street of Dreams. It may not be the dyed vintage wood used in that multi-million dollar house you just toured, but you could always let the creative juices flow and create an alternative on a budget.

Renaissance Homes - Street of Dreams Interior

From walking down The Street of Dreams and gazing into each house as if you own it, to discovering more about the houses in accompanying Street of Dreams magazine…this is definitely a not-to-be-missed event. The magazine is filled with information on the houses, and a plethora of ads that coexist with the event. Upon opening the magazine, you will notice an ad created by our ad agency for our client Renaissance Homes.

Edge has been privileged to design the inside front cover for two consecutive years for Renaissance Homes, and has met the mark every time. It’s not just a magazine ad to Edge, but it’s about matching the branding and quality of the event to the design. The quality and craftsmanship spent on each house needs to be reflected within the design.

We urge you to go take a walk down the Street of Dreams and let your mind roam. And while there, don’t forget to take a look at Edge’s contribution within the pages of this year’s Street of Dreams magazine.

Renaissance Homes - Street of Dreams Exterior