Our Work: In-House and Out of This World!

We are excited to share some of our latest work

From graphic design to photography, website design to video, public relations to event planning and much more – Edge has been busy! We’ve posted some of our best work online in our new website portfolio so that you can get to know us and our work a bit better.


The photos you use in your marketing pieces and on your website make a lasting first impression, build trust in your brand and provide the framework for how your brand is represented. The right imagery will engage your target market – and we have yet to meet a client that didn’t want to do that!

Photography plays a huge role in telling your story – whether that be photos of key staff for your website and collateral materials, capturing the action at a signature company event or photographing your product for a magazine layout – having just one amazing photo will run circles around writing miles of copy.

With several professional photographers on staff full-time, not only can we deliver what you need in a pinch, we have the marketing expertise to come alongside you and determine what type of photography will generate the results you’re looking for.

Edge Interior Design Services Adds Its Touch To New Share Facility

Ever wonder what goes into building fancy displays at showrooms or offices? Well, we can tell you! It involves a lot of care, sweat, coffee, finishing nails, coffee and a little bit of blood — at least in our case, anyway.