Is Your Website Working For You?

…Or, are you working for your website?

Your website should be a powerful tool for your business, helping drive leads, increase sales and support your brand – making your life easier and your business more profitable. At Edge Multimedia, we know how to make your website do some heavy lifting for your business.

Some benefits of a new website:

Is the Spirit of the ’90s Alive In Your Website?

10 Ways To Tell If It’s Time To Update Your Website and Why It’s Important To Have A Clear Goal For Your Website.

Remember the 1990s — Kurt Cobain, grunge, Lugz, Starter Jackets, and those Hypercolor t-shirts that encouraged way too much familiarity and let everyone know when your antiperspirant was failing? But before you break out your chain wallet and start wondering whatever happened to the original Aunt Viv on Fresh Prince, let’s talk about the ’90s in terms of technological advances.