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We approach media buying with empathy: like we’re trying to reach a future friend, help them solve a problem, and begin a growing relationship with them. As media buying experts, we conduct target market research and consider current obstacles and trends. But with a people-first approach, we keep the human element at the forefront of the data.

When Edge partners with you to develop a media strategy and media plan, we carefully consider the “target audience” and all of the people that make up that group – their personalities, lifestyles, affinities, influencers, preferences, habits, concerns, and passions. We work with you to identify target personas and give your campaign targeting and creative messaging real-life relevance.

media buying for unitus credit union, public transportation print material
media buying for unitus credit union, metro bus

Our team has over 60 years of combined media strategy and media buying experience. With deep roots in both digital and traditional media, we take a non-conventional approach to media planning and media buying. We don’t just buy Gross Rating Points and we don’t simply focus on Cost Per Point (CPP) or Cost Per Million (CPM) – that’s media buying’s way of throwing money at a problem. What we do is we put the person before the gross rating point.

And as part of that process, we identify common patterns between current customers and future ones so that we can more effectively reach your ideal customer. Then, we build strategically layered media plans that reach your target market on budget – and we report with transparency along the way, making adjustments as needed.

Learn more about our Digital Marketing Services, and how we leverage Outdoor (or Out-of-Home, commonly referred to as “Billboards” or “Bus Ads” on the street) to get the most out of your digital campaigns.


billboard displaying credit union advertisement
media buying for miller paint, branded bus wrap

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