New Website, New Portfolio and New Marketing Tools

It is becoming a bit of a tradition here at Edge: the annual Re-Imagining of the Edge Multimedia Web Space. It’s more of a barn raising-type affair than anything else, with every one of us pitching in to create a stronger, more versatile hub for our digital marketing efforts. The result is a new Edge Multimedia site that allows for greater and swifter access to our body of work.

We’ve also included a comprehensive listing of the creative marketing and advertising services Edge offers. If your company is looking for new ways to reach a more expansive audience, you’ll find it here. Also, Bespoke Creative. What the heck is it?

Another feature of our new site that is certainly not to be missed is the Custom Solution Tool, aka The Next Step Tool. By answering a few simple questions this quick, handy tool can create a customized marketing recommendation for your organization. What’s missing in your marketing arsenal? Find out with just a few clicks.

The new Edge Multimedia website: it fits in the palm of your hand; it’s got what your marketing needs and you can take it anywhere.

Not sure what your next step is? We can answer that in seconds.