Case Study: Adventure Dental Meets Goals with Outdoor

Campaign Goals

  1. Grow Brand Awareness in Clark County, Washington
  2. Increase Patient Load (Get more dental clients!)
  3. Drive more calls and appointments

Tangible Campaign Highlights

  • 22,851,949 Impressions
  • CPM $1.52
  • 13 transit placements running per month in two sizes
  • 52-week campaign
  • Visibility on major commuter routes and throughout the region

CPM = cost per 1000 impressions – note, the average CPM for OOH is around $5, which is a steal when compared to other traditional media. This campaign overperformed by a lot.

Saturate the Target Market for a low CPM
One of the benefits of transit advertising is that it is more “in your face” – these ads were right in front of everyone in the community – they could not be turned off, skipped or thrown away. The client was able to capture the attention of busy decision makers while they were out and about, on the go, taking care of their families.

A Creative Investment
One of our favorite things to do is think about how a brand’s creative will apply to the medium we are working with. There are so many things you can do with transit ads, using the bus as one of the creative elements – and we enjoyed using extensions for this campaign.

Extensions pull your ad out of the boxes (literally) and into other areas of the bus, like on the windows and over the wheel wells. This increases the visual impact of the ad, making each impression go even farther in bonding with the target market.

We worked with an artist to come up with alternative scenarios for the Adventure Dental mascot, Flosser, to have some fun in the art too! Flosser got to sit in a hammock, ride in on a parachute, swing on a vine and go surfing! Ah, Flosser has an awesome life.

The artwork application for transit ads is more long term than other outdoor options, with a durable vinyl product that stays nice looking. This protects the overall quality of the ad and saves you money on production costs as well.

Intangible Campaign Results

This campaign more than met our client’s tangible goals – but there were other intangible benefits that came with this campaign that are not only worth mentioning, but might actually be considered more important.

Boosting employee morale

The team loved seeing these ads! And we made it fun by arranging for a showing with bringing the bus to their location.

Supporting Organizational Culture

These ads were very visual, which was a perfect fit for their unique brand and organizational culture – making a memorable splash with the client’s fun graphics and expressing their undeniable personality and unique position in the market.

Having fun and “Showing” Off

We look for opportunities to make the most of our clients’ campaigns. In this instance, our client was very active on social media and their culture was one that promoted fun and adventure. What better way to celebrate the launch of this campaign than by arranging for a showing!

We work hard as an agency to foster relationships with our media reps – and in the process, we look for creative, experienced reps that are fun to work with. In this instance, we worked closely with our super-star reps (who happened to be our CEO’s co-workers back in her radio days) and arranged for a showing at the Adventure Dental practice. The dentist-owners took time out to get behind the wheel and have some fun, and share that experience with their team.

Increasing Customer Retention and Referrals

Current customers were reminded to refer their friends and family while also being reminded why they love Adventure Dental so much! During the showing, some clients and their parents were able to join in on the fun!

A few tips to maximize success with outdoor

Strong creative – this means, think out of the box – literally. Notice how we had extensions going over portions of the windows and combined two placements (Headliner and Kong) into one big display.

Clear CTA – sometimes including a CTA in outdoor creative can be tricky. If you choose to include a CTA, make it easy! For Adventure Dental, their phone number is easy to remember, so having it big on the side of the bus helped them meet their goals of more calls and appointments!

Strong branding – one of the reasons that Adventure Dental was successful with outdoor is their branding is very strong and consistent. They developed their own character “Flosser” the tree frog, and he is prominently placed throughout all of their branding in their practice.

For more tips read our post on crafting Outdoor copy. And may Outdoor be ever in your favor.

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