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Prospera Credit Union & Prosperity Partners Rebranding


Headquartered in Appleton, Wisconsin, Prospera Credit Union strives to serve its members through a holistic financial journey; guiding members and offering sound financial advice through each stage in life.

Prospera saw an opportunity to rebrand its Investment Services as “Prosperity Partners,” a team of financial advisors with the ‘Prospera personality’ and a personalized approach to financial planning.

The first charge was a new tagline, to be developed and pitched to the client with the winner awarded the rest of the project.

Prospera Credit Union tagline options

Checking Rack Card Design Mock Up


Starting with Prospera’s brand promise, “Personal, Tailored Guidance to Prosperity,” we looked to help members and non-members alike understand what Prosperity Partners did, and what it meant to them – and how it tied into the rest of the credit union’s service offerings.

Building on those elements, we incorporated Prosperity Partners’ holistic approach to financial management and arrived at the concept of linking seemingly distinct monetary elements (dots) into a complete picture. “Your Financial Dots…Connected.”


Once the concept was well underway, the client embraced and expanded it to replace the entire credit union’s branding, shaping how the credit union looked at partnering with their members.

In branch poster Prosperity Partners
Prosperity Partners Planning worksheet

Tellers needed a way to help members understand the range of products and services available at the credit union. Prospera’s well-developed “lifestage” model proved difficult to discuss, especially from a goal-setting perspective.

We created a simple worksheet using the Financial Dots concept that broke down the steps between stages and helped tellers talk through options with their members.

Prosperity Partners’ holistic approach within the credit union was communicated through the creation of what we called “the wheel,” a figure with no start or end and which is easy to move around and through. Rebranding branches into “Branch Partners” and home lending into “Mortgage Partners” helped tie everything together.

We tied these graphics into the new website as well as rack cards and other materials across different formats including as quick navigation icons on a complete website overhaul.

PCU wheel design and example

From Concept to Execution

We delivered the following to Prospera Credit Union:

Prosperity Partners tagline

Consumer facing messaging and bullet points

Prosperity Partners Logo and Branding

Updated Fonts and Branding Colors

Branch Materials & Graphical Elements

Icons & Other Website Visuals

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