The Street of Dreams is an annual event featuring the most luxurious trends in architectural and interior design, home technology and furnishings, outdoor living and much more.

Winner of more than 40 Street of Dreams awards, Renaissance Homes is the only builder awarded “Best of Show” a record six times. Edge had the privilege of designing the Renaissance Homes magazine ad featured on the inside front cover of the Street of Dreams magazine for the second consecutive year.

The layout of an ad can have a huge impact on the reader, determining if they continue to read further. In this project, our goal was to have an aesthetically pleasing piece that drew the reader in and drove them to take action. This strategic layout showcased one of the best known brands related to this prestigious event, providing measurable call to action items: downloading an app and visiting the website with a trackable vanity URL.

No matter the advertising medium, we work to make sure that the piece looks amazing and is also effective – integrating ways to track the success of our client’s advertising investments.

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