ISE Facebook Case Study

Edge was tasked with ramping up event ticket sales on social media and improving upon year-over-year successes for our client International Sportsmen’s Expositions (ISE) as they produced multi-day hunting, fishing and outdoor shows in four large city expo centers in the U.S.

In addition to selling event tickets, our challenge was to grow engagement with ISE’s established audience – while also expanding their overall reach, building loyalty and tapping into a younger demographic group that could be harnessed for future growth.

While our business is very similar to when we began more than 40 years ago, the ways in which we reach our existing and certainly our new customers have changed and are continuing to change.

Social media and digital advertising increasingly provide the most efficient and effective tools to capture attention and dynamically improve our marketing.

Edge Multimedia has proven to be the ideal partner, helping us with every step of the process, from creating a strategy and the online back-end, to message creation and deployment, campaign management, analytics and applying data essential to improving results. With Edge we exceeded our KPIs.

Edge staff embody the highest professional standards and were also very enjoyable partners. This time around we’re increasing Edge’s scope and budget!

~John Kirk | Director of Communications, International Sportsmen’s Expos

Edge’s social media strategy utilized many highly targeted marketing tactics including:

  • Creating 41 custom audiences created to reach potential ticket buyers for these 4 events
  • Highly tuning content reach, using Edge’s own ROI-driven active audience segmentation & engagement method. This included:
    • Strategic location planning
    • Online behavior tracking
    • Dynamic lookalike audiences
    • Real-time A/B testing and other demo and psychographic variables and ad deployment strategies
  • Creating 220 unique ads to optimize interest for particular audiences throughout the campaign

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