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The Joinery is a beloved Portland establishment, recognized and respected not only for their high quality, hand-crafted furniture, but also for their sustainability.

Edge was tasked with creating a custom wall display that demonstrated their process – from tree to finished product, which would be on display in the World Forestry Center’s art gallery, along with a custom table placed below the piece that provided a hands on element to showcase the process of hand crafting wood furniture.

We visited the space that the finished piece would live in, and provided the client with a mockup of what the design would look like in the space, making the collaboration process with the client simple and transparent.

The client was thrilled with the results, showing it off along with their beautiful furniture.

The Edge team helped us create a thoughtful and memorable piece to tell The Joinery’s compelling handcrafted story. They were able to weave in all the elements we were looking for while staying on budget and adhering to our timeline. Great job!

Kelly Asmus | Director of Sales and Marketing

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