Rachel Fleenor: Marketing & Social Media Intern

Rachel Fleenor: Marketing & Social Media Intern - 02 We are excited to welcome Rachel Fleenor as our Marketing & Social Media Intern! Rachel Fleenor is a Senior at Portland State University, where she is pursuing her Bachelor of Science in Communication Studies. Rachel has already flexed her internship muscle in the public relations and social media arenas with online marketing tasks and on-site fundraising events. Over the past several months, Rachel has been able to help increase client keyword impressions (900%) through monthly online press releases and she’s been a huge help at KOIN Local 6 and Fox 12 during two large-scale telethons for our non-profit client Portland Rescue Mission. Rachel loves to travel, meet new people and learn about other cultures. With extensive international travel already under her belt - including travels to Canada, China, Honduras, Israel, Japan, Jordan, Mexico, the Philippines and South Korea, Rachel brings a well-rounded perspective and real world experience to her duties at Edge. Rachel also enjoys the Pacific Northwest's menagerie of experiences – whether it be hiking in the forest or sipping coffee at a local cafe. An artist at heart, she puts her hand to photography and printmaking, and has been a part of a band for the past six years. Welcome Rachel! We are happy to have you onboard and look forward to this partnership.