Scott Chadwick: Partner, President and CEO

Scott Chadwick: Partner, President and CEO With natural leadership skills, the ability to solve problems and inspire, Scott’s vision for Edge is one of the reasons why we are successful today. His influence has helped foster an environment that thrives on change and a team that works seamlessly together to step up to any challenge. He helps steer our company to make us the best we can be through his involvement in the operations, client services and production sides of the business. Maintaining the big picture and strong direction for the company, his aptitudes for strategy have been elemental in the growth that Edge has experienced since its inception and especially through the recent recession. Scott has a degree in electronics and has background in IT. Formerly the owner and operator of a recording studio, his experience as an engineer, producer, musician, programmer and editor come in handy when watching out for production details and troubleshooting new technology for client use. His skills with computer hardware and software continually help set Edge and our clients apart from the competition. Scott is married to Stephanie Chadwick, another partner in the company. Together they have four kids and a big dog and love hanging out as a family. Scott enjoys learning about history and science, he is an RC hobbyist, avid outdoorsman and enjoyer of craft beer. He is appreciated for his home roasted third wave coffee, homemade Kiefer and smoked pulled pork tacos.