SEO & Digital Reporting

Wonderful things happen when relevant content meets qualified searcher. We optimize websites to ensure that the two collide and get busy completing some goals. Since we're talking SEO, our comprehensive strategy includes "keywords" like: taxonomies, linkable, contributors, meta data, search engine, crawls, analysis, visibility, trending, optimization, competitors and - you guessed it - keywords. Digital reports serve as tools to help you grow your business, substantiate goal setting with your board and help you uncover useful data for making key decisions. Performing consistent digital reporting on your marketing efforts can identify issues before they are problems, and save you money by attributing return-on-investment to your digital marketing channels. We offer several reporting options and are happy to customize reports to meet your specific needs, whatever those might be. One of our most popular reports is the Snapshot. Snapshot reports gather all of your website's pertinent digital analysis in one easy-to-review page - gauging your monthly Audience, Content & Quality, Traffic Sources, SEO, Social Media, Campaigns, Mobile Performance and Goal Conversions/ROI with links to helpful charts and visuals. Digital Snapshots also include performance notes and recommendations on how to improve upon the goals you’ve set for your website - don't worry - we won't dump info on you and leave you hanging.