Team Member Spotlight

Published March 18, 2021

Meet Justina

Our newest marketing team member, Justina, fits right in! She hopped on the Edge train in November, 2020 as our Senior Project Manager and we’ve been steaming along ever since. Most of our clients have met her, but we wanted to give a little more insight into who Justina is. We asked some questions and she gave some great answers!

What makes you laugh the most?

"My toddler makes me laugh the most, but I also love a good meme/Tik Tok."  

Why do you love marketing? 

"When you break it down, marketing is a mix of so many disciplines: psychology, sociology, linguistics, design, statistics, etc. I love that you have to have a basic understanding of all of those things to be a good marketer, which means there’s always room to learn, grow and specialize based on your interests, because no one knows it all."

Who’s your favorite superhero and why? 

"My favorite superhero is Thor, specifically in Ragnarok. He’s goofy, strong, and that Australian accent! What’s not to like?" 

Tell an interesting story about yourself: 

"When I was 18, I performed the Heimlich maneuver on a stranger choking on a piece of steak while I was out to dinner with my family. We kept in touch, and he is now a close family friend."

Tell us about your family: 

"My parents are immigrants from Vietnam. I have a younger brother, who is my longest-running best friend, and is moving out to Washington with my family in a few months. I met my husband on Tinder, and we’ve been together for six years, married for five years. We share a two year old and two dogs."

How do you like to serve clients? 

"I like to serve clients through transparency. The best client-agency relationships are built on trust, so I aim to be proactive about sharing information so clients don’t ever feel caught off guard or in the dark with projects, budgets, timelines, etc."

Welcome Justina!

We’re so excited to have Justina on board and are already asking, “How did we do this without you?” Join us in welcoming Justina to the Edge family!

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Author: Austi Baudro