Austi Baudro

Director of Strategic Operations

The Energizer Bunny’s Real Name is Austi

With roots in both the financial and hospitality industries, Austi knows a thing or two about providing exceptional customer service.

Being highly organized and attentive, Austi regularly exercises an exciting blend of creativity and leadership as a multi-task-master who is dependable, responsible and hard working.

Austi provides our clients with a valuable mashup of digital marketing and creative know-how intertwined with a deep understanding of how financial institutions operate and what a memorable business-to-consumer experience should encompass. Austi has won multiple customer service awards as well as a Credit Union National Association (CUNA) diamond award for a program she developed and led.

Sorted into Hufflepuff

When not at work, Austi enjoys spending time with her husband and two kids, venturing out on camping trips, reading, and all things Harry Potter. She volunteers by serving as a board member of the Emergency Support Shelter in Longview, Washington.