Carla Cieza

Graphic Design Intern

Design + Research = Happy Place

Carla appreciates how roles in the marketing field pivot around noticing patterns, trends, and figuring out how to attract an audience – and approaching solutions with creativity. Dive deeper into Carla’s creative mind with a look at her design portfolio.

Iced, Quad, Oatmilk Latte Por Favor

In Carla’s free time, she loves buying overpriced iced coffee, people watching and thrifting. She is passionate about her Peruvian-Latinx culture, art and giving back to the community. She enjoys exploring the city of Portland and learning new things, often self-taught.

Currently a Senior at George Fox University, Carla is expected to graduate in May 2023 with a Bachelor of Arts in Illustration and a Minor in Communications. We are excited to play a part in her educational journey during her time as an intern at Edge.