Dustin Gunter

MarTech Specialist


While most kids at the age of 8 were coveting the latest comic books and action figures, Dustin was obsessing over technology and computers. His fascination continues today. With the ever-changing world that technology has brought us, Dustin finds himself constantly wanting to know more, especially when it comes to AR, VR, and cryptocurrency.

His Superhero Name is The Untangler 

With a driving passion to help people and businesses succeed, Dustin possesses a unique superpower when it comes to untangling confusing problems – often ones that others don’t see. Keeping the end goal in mind, he unravels those pesky problems and provides sustainable technical solutions – all in a single bound!

Always Coming Up Roses

With a focus on the potential for exciting possibilities to unfold – while also keeping an eye out for achieving big goals – Dustin is able to maintain an optimistic outlook no matter what sticky wicket he encounters in work or in life. This positive mindset provides an environment of encouragement for not only himself but also his fellow co-workers and clients.