Jesse Hoffmann

Preferred Partner: Visual Designer, UI/UX Specialist

Big Picture Idea Generator

A pro at ideation and creating something stunning out of nothing, Jesse excels at listening to a need and coming up with an elegant solution that not only checks the current box, but also plans for the next iteration. His big picture, strategic thinking is a mark of his seasoned and diverse experience with branding, strategy and visual design – which spans from UI/UX design to product innovation, brand and advertising design, messaging, copywriting and more.

Jesse’s thoughtful approach to problem solving, careful attention to best practices, high standards for deliverables and detailed and open communication style has endeared him to the Edge team.

Creative & Purposeful

In his off hours, Jesse can be found exploring the Pacific Northwest wilderness, composing and mixing music, practicing his photography skills and enjoying laughs with his wife and daughter. He is passionate about environmental and social justice and donates a portion of his personal and professional time to the causes he believes in.