Justina Tran-Kitteridge

Senior Project Manager

A Detailed State of Mind

To-date, one of the best gifts Justina’s ever received is a label maker. Why? Because it’s an understatement to say that this girl loves organization. Whether color-coding a to-do list, making a spreadsheet or deliberating the details of a dinner party, intense preparation is what Justina thrives on. Her passion for planning and strategy is reflected in her proactive vs. reactive approach to problem solving; one of Justina’s core strengths is her ability to envision long-term solutions instead of short-term stop gaps. 

Before joining Edge, Justina honed her skills at a boutique creative agency where she rose through the ranks to manage integrated campaigns and lead account services for some of the agency’s longest and largest client relationships. 

A recent transplant from the Beehive State, Justina has a Bachelor’s degree in Communications from the University of Utah, and a Master’s degree in Strategic Communications from Westminster College. 

Homebody at Heart

When she’s not at work, Justina enjoys baking, growing her collection of candles and home decor, and doing her best to keep up with her toddler, husband and two dogs.