Matt Neznanski

Marketing Technology Manager

Better marketing through technology

Marketing has fundamentally become a technology-powered discipline, creating the need for people like Matt who design and operate technology solutions in the service of marketing.

He helps nontechnical marketers craft better campaigns, programs and customer experiences that effectively leverage software and data – and helps manage the new kinds of technical interfaces that marketing has with agencies and service providers. He’s a hybrid who speaks both marketing and IT, and naturally sees the connections between them. 

So, basically, Matt runs on both gas and electricity.

His experience includes developing award-winning products, leading editorial and design teams, managing projects from small niche websites to enterprise-level solutions from both a technical and strategic level. Matt speaks HTML, CSS, and WordPress fluently, can explain what an API is in 30 seconds, and is Google Analytics certified. Ready to talk Martech? Drop Matt a line…

Can We Work Outside Today?

In his spare time, Matt is an avid fly fisher. He loves boating, camping, hiking, and relaxing outside (rain or shine) with his wife and two children. He is also a certified barbecue judge.