Megan Harding

Media & Account Manager

Partnership- It’s Part of Megan’s Style

Megan strives to make project management personal- Not “make it personal” like a crime boss or action movie villain, think more of the personal relationship that is built with a trusted colleague or teammate. Her mission is to ensure that the process of working with Edge is never transactional, and her client collaboration is guided by one of our core values: Partnership, not vendorship.

A “Lifer” When It Comes To Client Success

Megan comes to Edge with significant experience in bringing clients success. No matter how complicated the project, Megan will get your deliverables on time and up to standard, and make sure you feel heard and communicated with in the process.
When not in the middle of creating another client success story, Megan is likely spending time with her family of six; Her husband, her two children, and (to use Megan’s own terminology) two fur babies. During rare moments of downtime, she also enjoys a Lifetime Original Movie and a glass of wine.