Shay Read

Preferred Partner: Graphic Designer

Focused Daydreamer

Shay is a big-picture thinker when it comes to design. Give her a project or idea and she’ll obsessively dream about what that looks and feels like at its highest potential before even getting a single sketch down on paper. She has a naturally curious and empathetic mind, which means she approaches design problems by examining them from multiple perspectives and theoretic scenarios. This process leads to strategic and concept-driven work and has proven successful across many different types of design mediums including digital, print, manufacturing, and branded environments.

Shay is always in the pursuit of crafting an experience and firmly believes that smart design thinking and the creative process can change the world.

Potpourri Hobbyist

Shay is at her mental best when she’s out hiking the PNW, finding agates on the beach, listening to Motown or David Bowie, puzzling over a puzzle, carving a block print, or reading about physics.