Website Content Inventory & Audit

Begin a Website Project with Data and Best Practices

As you dream about a website redesign, it’s easy to get wrapped into exciting new features, fresh look, and a more refined presentation of your brand. But before a project starts to take shape, it’s important to conduct a Website Content Inventory & Audit.

A content inventory can help you gauge website performance by getting key information to help you make decisions.  At its core, a website content inventory is a list of all the available content assets on your website. The inventory often leads directly to a content audit, helping you understand the performance of content pieces, deciding what to keep, consolidate, and remove.

Confidently Make Strategic Decisions

A website content inventory gives you data and a roadmap as you go into your website redesign that will better inform you and your team.

Understand Page Performance

We pull website data in a clean, easy to use set of tools to help inform your decisions, goals, and KPIs.

Project templates and worksheets

Blend site data with built-in tools to clarify and manage your content work during your site transition.

Next-Steps Action Plan

Our website audit report lists priorities and next steps for everything from SEO Site Structure to User Experience.

Actionable Data

We start by pulling data from your website and organizing it into a helpful and easy to read tool. Key information to help you gauge website performance includes:

  • Site metadata (titles, descriptions, headings)
  • Page by page activity (sessions, conversions)
  • Search results (rankings, click rates)
  • Speed performance (load times, trouble spots)


website analytics
lighthouse example

Performance Oriented

We group your site’s pages by their Performance Score. This score is determined by running the Lighthouse tool  to collect and analyze data about the page including both overall loading speed and details about page elements.

Useful Audit Report

We wrap it all into a report that covers five key areas pertaining to page performance and the overall health of your website. It includes a Technical Site Audit and recommendations on Design, Content, and CTAs & Forms.

Website audit report example

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